Science and Spirituality Healing

This book accounts for events I thought were a curse of being diagnosed with mental illnesses. Now I know my illness is not an illness. DID is God's gift. God gave me a way to fight through the trauma. I'm one of those who have a fractured mind, but that same mind has saved my life numerous times. I struggled for years, trying to make sense of everything that happened to me. The turning point during my journey changed everything for me after I learned there is a connection between science and spirituality. Mind and heart are when your brain, thoughts, and decisions work together with your heart and emotions. This book explores how science and spirituality can be fused in the mind. I believe there is a scientific explanation for spiritual experiences. My book is based on these experiences and how I applied what I learned from HeartSync.

I will share how I am being led by light to walk on the paths God set forth and share my healing. Sometimes obstacles appear more significant than they are. The real challenge is believing in yourself and trusting God. Once you define your ideal, you can prioritize and focus on your perfect fit. Focusing on your ideal future relaxes the mind, helping you respond correctly to whatever situation. Using my own experiences, my book guides those with mental illness, and I wish to break the stigma. I aim to help you see what drives you and how to channel your thoughts and actions into a fulfilling life.